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Upcoming Festivals, Concerts and Workshops (must feature the ukulele):


Ukulele Instruction:

Willow Glen Community Center beginner uke/guitar workshop. Thursdays @3.00 p.m. Starts Jan. 18. Call (408)440-8493 or email elainemiller333@gmail.com for more info.

Rhan Wilson  Intermediate skill ukulele class in Los Gatos: Every Wed.,  $15 per class @ the Terraces, Los Gatos 1:30 p.m.

Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto  tom@gryphonstrings.com

Mountain View Library Ukulele Group 1 hour lesson (6:30 - 7:30) every fourth Monday.

Cupertino Senior Center  Uke Lessons: Beginning, Advanced Beginning, and Intermediate levels.

Fremont Unified Adult School   Beginner and intermediate group lessons in Cupertino. Email michael_law@fushd.org for more info.

Brian Gibbs, instruction and studio production.  Private and group lessons in Morgan Hill. 
(617) 980-1717   gibbs@toolshedstudios.com
Ukulele Performers/Instructors Wanted:

SJUC Farmers Market gigs set for these tentative dates: June 14, August 16, October 18 and Dec. 13. 



We don't know what is going to happen in June regarding the COVID situation and what restrictions might be lifted in our area. Click on the links to go to the websites or call the businesses for more accurate information.

June 2020










JTown Pizza and Ukulele Jams
Open Mic 5:30 - 9
625 N. 6th St.
4 5 6  
Sons of the Beach jam
Santa Cruz


8 9

San Jose Ukulele Club

New Music Night

Denny's, 1140 Hillsdale Ave,SJ


Open Mic Night
 Da Kine Island Grill (downtown SanJose)

Hawaiian Open Mic 6-9 p.m. Gold Rush Eatery
1010 S. Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale
11 12 13
Sons of the Beach jam Santa Cruz 
14  SJUC Zoom meeting @ 2 p.m.

  Monterey Uke Club
jam ?????


  Gilroy Uke Zoom jam email  karenformanchavez56@gmail.com
for more info.

Santa Cruz Uke Club
Zoom meeting  OPEN MIC starting at 6:30. To sign up email:mjnorberg1@gmail.com
19 20
Sons of the Beach jam Santa Cruz

Gilroy Sunrise Uke Jam 
Monterey Uke Club jam
22 23

 Morgan Hill Uke Group,  Santa Clara County Library, 660 W. Main Ave. 5 -7 p.m


Les Wong's Zoom Kanikapila
7-9 p.m. Invites to come soon.

25  26 27 
Sons of the Beach jam Santa Cruz
28  SJUC Zoom meeting @ 2 p.m. 29 30

San Jose Ukulele Club

Members' Choice Night

Denny's, 1140 Hillsdale Ave,SJ


Gilroy Ukulele Jam  ?????